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Eric Devries started photography professionally in the mid-80s in the Netherlands to become an assistant to an established local photographer before working as an independent freelance photographer.
In 2007 Eric moved to Cambodia to live and to work on personal projects as well as exhibit his work at venues in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. He was one of the founding members of SEAcollectiv, a group of photographers in Southeast Asia, and involved in publishing of their 2-monthly online magazine -Moments-.

He started with instructed photo tours and high end workshops throughout Cambodia with the temples of Angkor as main part besides working on his personal projects/series. In 2016 he also started with street photography workshops in Bangkok and Hong Kong. His book -Khmer Land- was self published in 2015 indicated his black and white style of photography. More recently his works show more the landscape side infuenced by the New Topographic Movement from the 70s. He is currently working on new long term project -Waterscapes- a series in color. Eric uses digital as well as analog cameras.





And The Valleys Below...

Coming from an almost flat country the mountains in western part of the North America were (are) very impressive while on a couple of road trips back in the nineties.

Ma Wan (Hong Kong)

The project’s pictures depict structural details and overviews of (abandoned) buildings and landscapes, uncommon items, lines and shapes.




Interruption Of Common Structures

The project’s pictures depict structural details and overviews of (abandoned) buildings and landscapes, uncommon items, lines and shapes.

On The Road

Showing a small collection of photographs which were never used in 25 years.
Re-scanned and re-selected the negatives I’ve been taken during several roadtrips in the USA between 1993 and 1997.


Selected Works In Color

Series of photographs which started as a project years ago under the name 'In Your Room'. Probably the first time I was seriously thinking of working in color.

Unfinished Realities (new series)

New series about the changing of landscape in my hometown Siem Reap. New developements are on-going mostly with Chinese or Korean money.


The Cold Light Of Day

It’s third day of my stay in Paris having a coffee at Cafe de Flore at Boulevard Saint-Germain while writing this little intro.

Reservoir d'eau / Water Tanks

Small series of water tanks and towers around town inspired after seeing an exhibition


The Romance Of Loneliness

Collection of photographs selected from the archive and new ones created during the 2020 pandemic.

Waterscapes / WETLANDS

First part of the new series WATERSCAPES titled ‘Wetlands’. All 8 by 10 inch photographs were taken in Cambodia mostly during the rainy season.


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More collections / IN CAMBODIA

Khmer Standoff (in media)

The Angkor Monochromes

20 Years Cambodia

Khmer Land (excerpts from the book)

East Of The Blind Curtains





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