Phnom Penh STREETS

street photography workshop in the capital of Cambodia



Phnom Penh, once the gem of Indochina close to the mighty Mekong is one of the friendliest capitals in Asia filled with lively markets and colourful pagodas

Join me in in the streets of Phnom Penh for a half day street photography workshop while visiting and exploring the alleys of the Chinese area to the shop houses close to the river and from lively markets to the architecture of the 60s

“Learn how to photograph the moment while exploring the streets of Phnom Penh.” 

Besides Street Photography we'll also focus on portraits, architecture, sceneries and details. We also will be visiting local markets, pagodas, the French Quarter. Locations and Phnom Penh highlights will be build in such as Chinese Quarter, Olympic Stadium, the railway track...

"Join me and explore one of the most exiting cities in the world"




Half day street photography workshop in Phnom Penh
Duration: 4 hrs

Price: US$ 195 (1 and/or 2 persons)

Pick up/drop off at hotel.
Full tuition (camera settings, light, composition)
Transport by tuktuk

full day incl lunch / US$ 295 (1 and/or 2 persons)

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We believe that a photography tour and workshop should be about learning, creativity, exploring and becoming part of the landscape and surroundings you are photographing. We are dedicated to providing professional, hands-on training and instruction in the field. Our instructor ratio helps you archieve the best results possible. Our mission is to create workshop experiences that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are an advanced photographer, or just started, our workshops and photo tours are designed to help you archieve your goals. Each tour/workshop is private and we will not couple you with people you do not know. These photo tours and workshops are more than bringing back incredible images, they are about bringing home a memorable adventure.

We are proud to offer the best photo tours and workshops in Cambodia. Eric Devries is a professional photographer and teacher, and is dedicated to your learning, fun and adventure. We want you to get the most out of your photo tour and workshop, so we do everything we can to ensure the best results and your success. Come see why so many friends come back to our photo tours and workshops, again and again…




My Favorite
My day with Eric and his photography tour was probably my favorite vacation day ever. Why? Because Eric is: talented, organized, funny, and insightful. He walked into our hotel to pick us up for the tour and immediately noticed that I had just used the flash on my camera...a no-no for a street photographer. And then it was uphill from there...a day of pure enjoyment. He had all our locations and transportation to them totally organized. He took us to a small village and its market that we would never have seen on our own...where the people there were familiar enough with him to allow us to photograph them. Another example of his planning and attention to detail was his taking us to an empty pagoda where he closed every window but one which then let in a stream of light that fell directly onto the face of a statue which we could then photograph. Later, after providing us with a terrific lunch he led us down a river to a remote floating village- another great target to shoot with our cameras. As a teacher ( as I am myself) Eric is top- notch, offering criticism and praise; and he can take it as well as dish it out. Lastly, I must say that Eric created a monster....he converted my wife from a novice to now a passionate photographer. Eric, you're the best!



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