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Sunday morning ... The rain gently falls from the gray sky when I walk the cobblestones at the largest cemetery in Paris. It is still early but I am not the only one. After 10 minutes walking I find the grave of The Doors frontman, half hidden behind 'houses of the dead'. A young couple is leaning against the fence, the tomb is unfortunately turned off, softly listening to music from the Doors on their Iphone. They come from the USA ... they respond when I ask them. I listen to LA Woman and shoot a number of photos from different angles ... I walk on, between the graves through especially the last century. It is quiet, serene ... gray on Sunday morning in Paris.




It’s third day of my stay in Paris having a coffee at Cafe de Flore at Boulevard Saint-Germain while writing this little intro. Cafe de Flore, a legendary bar / cafe where artists and photographers met in the late 50s. I grab my camera to shoot some people passing by and talk to the waiter in my best French. The soft rains make the street in front of me a bit shiny, the same soft rains I had at Pere Lachaise cemetary earlier the day standing at Jim Morrisson’s grave. Just had to see it…
I pay for the coffee and take a last shot of one of the waiters standing outside smoking as I cross the boulevard to the metro, the one that will bring me to Montmartre… in just 16 minutes.




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