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We believe that a photography tour and workshop should be about learning, creativity, exploring and becoming part of the landscape and surroundings you are photographing. We are dedicated to providing professional, hands-on training and instruction in the field. Our instructor ratio helps you archieve the best results possible. Our mission is to create workshop experiences that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are an advanced photographer, or just started, our workshops and photo tours are designed to help you archieve your goals. These photo tours and workshops are more than bringing back incredible images of Cambodia, they are about bringing home a memorable adventure. Our high quality private photo tours and workshops are for every photographer from beginner to advanced.

We are proud to offer the best photo tours and workshops in Cambodia today. Eric d Vries is a professional photographer and teacher, and is dedicated to your learning, fun and adventure. We want you to get the most out of your photo tour and workshop, so we do everything we can to ensure the best results and your success. Come see why so many friends come back to our photo tours and workshops, again and again… We offer photo tours and workshops in Angkor (the most popular), other beautiful and inspiring locations within Cambodia and since two years Eric is also running street photography workshops in Hong Kong.




Some shots I took at the Angkor Temples back in March 2000 on film


Eric d Vries, that’s me… professional photographer, instructor… I have held a camera in my hands for as long I can remember. I have worked as a professional photographer for 25 years after starting as an assistant-photographer during a 2-year study at FotoVakSchool in The Netherlands. I have photographed for a long list of corporations and product manufacturers while working in a photo studio but also did press photography for a couple of newspapers and magazines back in the 90s. For the past seven years I have been instructing photo tours and workshops in Cambodia for my own business Photo Cambodia and also for a number of exclusive travel companies.

My mission is to show you the best spots and locations in Angkor and Cambodia during your photo tour and workshop, by sharing my experience and my knowledge of photography to help you understand your equipment and achieve your goals, and to take you on incredible photo tours and workshops that will inspire you for the rest of your life. Home base in Cambodia for the last 10 years (after visiting the beautiful country for the first time in April 2000) I live with my wife and three kids in Siem Reap, close the temples of Angkor…


The cameras I use

Sometimes I get questions from (potential) clients what cameras/lenses I use. Well… look at the picture. I got the Nikon D700 full frame using at the moment only for portrait sessions. The very handy Fuji X100T is mainly for street photography. The Fuji X-Pro 1 (love that camera) with a 10-24mm, 35mm and 60mm I carry in and around the temples and during other photo tours/workshops and… the analog LEICA M2 with a VOIGTLANDER 35mm/1.4 Nokton.


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